Further objectives of the project

2009. 12. 1.
  • Sociological survey of the building’s occupants, measuring project impact.
  • Energy efficiency monitoring after completion of renovation.
  • Organisation of seminars, conferences and trainings and awareness campaigns in the local and national media, to generate similar projects nationwide and serve as a pilot project for potential future project owners.

Project management:

  • Project leader: Péter Puskás vice mayor of Obuda-Bekasmegyer
  • Project co-ordinator: Árpád Rózsás
  • Technical expert: Gábor Kelemen
  • Construction company: István Szeivolt, CEO, Épkar Zrt.


Project contributors:

  • European Union, 6th Framework Programme
  • Concerto II. – STACCATO
  • Municipality of Óbuda-Békásmegyer
  • Panel Plus Programme
  • Főtáv Zrt.

Construction company: Épkar Zrt

Project partners:

  • Energia Klub – Energy Club (ensuring publicity, media),
  • Central European University (CEU, sociological research),
  • BECO HU (EU project management, sustainability training),
  • The Union of Energy Efficient Municipalities (EHÖSZ, ensuring publicity),
  • The Village House community.