The stated aims of the project

2009. 12. 7.
  • The complete statical, constructional and sociological evaluation of the chosen apartment buildings.
  • The preparation of building permission for the energy efficiency renovations
  • The completion of all renovation work  in the whole building
  • Completion of energy efficiency measurements in the 4 year period following renovation
  • Opening an information centre in the building where householders can receive a comprehensive and continuous update on the project in general and on the progress of renovation in particular.
  • Organisation of training courses, conferences, national and local media support and other information distribution, in order to encourage other community or collectively owned apartment buildings to opt for renovation, as well as to be an example to similar undertakings.

The operational costs of the project are financed by the European Union’s STACCATO-CONCERTO programme. Additionally, direct support is also given through the Hungarian government’s Panel Plus programme. The remaining costs are shared by the Óbuda-Békásmegyer Municipality and the owners of the chosen properties.